Saturday, February 20, 2010

Chateau Relaxo

Chateau Relaxo. That was my brother Sean's nickname for the maternity ward of Brigham and Women's Hospital. I find that so hilarious that I had to use it as the title of today's blog entry!!! He couldn't get over the room service, the quiet, the nice nurses... I mean, I can't say that Emily, with incisions galore, would agree. But when you are holding that little HENRY BRADY SHIELDS---it does make you want to say, "Ahhhhhhhh...."

I was at my own Chateau Relaxo last week. I went to Rockport, MA SOLO to meet baby Henry---first time away alone in over a year! I went to my favorite Mexican restaurant...drank margaritas...slept until 8 am (which is late for me). I hung out in Regan and Cam's beautiful home on a sunny weekend...CHATEAU RELAXO.

So, training. It has been a challenging few weeks between the stomach bug, the multiple snow storms, and back-to-back weekend trips to Boston (one planned assuming Henry would be here by President's Weekend--which wasn't his plan...and then one to meet the little peanut). HOWEVER, the bright side is that I was able to do my 12 and 14 mile runs along the ocean...nothing like a change of scenery!

16 miles planned for this weekend. Danielle is coming down from NYC so that we can keep each other company for the almost 3 hour run. Should be interesting since the 4th major snow storm of the winter is heading our way tonight...10-15" predicted. UGH!


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Herman's Head with lots of shout outs

Remember that show Herman's Head? When people lived in a guys head? Or Being John Malkovich? Consider this my version of that...dedicated to my dear, hilarious friend, Linda Rubin who made the request.

Thoughts during each of my 11 miles today

Mile Marker 1: That school bus almost hit me
Mile Marker 2: My shadow looks life size (refer to earlier blogs about me and my shadow!)
Mile Marker 3: Song--The Reflex by Duran Duran. Made me think of 2 people. First, my old friend Leah Bougere from Kingwood, TX. In 6th grade, she was a HUGE Duran Duran fan. And I thought she was incredibly cool. Also makes me think of my friend Noah Stein. We used to work together at Crane Marketing Communications and would often volunteer to pick up pizza for office lunches. One time, we blasted The Reflex and sang it at the top of our lungs. Lots of laughs with Noah.
Mile Marker 4: I think I am going to give all of the money I earn in April (marathon month) to Dana Farber. Consider this a shout out to my home business:
Mile Marker 5: Song--Battle Flag by Lo Fidelity All Stars. Love this song...but has the f-word in it so I can't play it at home anymore. Thank you to John Hewlett for helping me figure out the name of this song and actually getting the CD for me! I first heard the song during a "very special episode" (aren't they all??) of ER. The one when John Carter and Kelly Martin were stabbed on Valentine's Day by a patient in the middle of a psychotic episode.
Mile Marker 5.5 (half way mark): Song--Hypnotize by Notorious BIG. Now, I love Biggie. But I also love Eazy E and Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. Aren't they all enemies? East Coast/West Coast?
Mile Marker 6: Song--Jessie's Girl. This is the song I played on the way to the hospital to have Declan and Alice. OH! I should knit Sean and Emily's baby-to-be a due in 3 days!!!
Mile Marker 7: Heading up a treacherous hill (Gray's Lane from Mill Creek for those in the area). I am going to text Danielle (we ran this together last weekend). Actually, I am going to take a picture of myself with my iPhone and send it to her. AHHAHHAHA! I am texting, taking pictures and running up a hill!
Mile Marker 8: It is getting dark
Mile Marker 9: Haverford College on the horizon... Getting close... What questions do I have for Dr. Offit (pediatrician) for tomorrow--Alice's 1 year well visit.
Mile Marker 10: I hope Desmond is doing OK at home. Desmond is our 15 year old babysitter. Kids LOVE him...but 5:00 can be a tricky time. D--N! I don't have any cash. I am the lamest employer.
Mile Marker 11: DONNNNEEE! Turns out Alice screamed the entire time until Desmond decided to give a nap a try. Good work, Des! And Thank You!

There you have it! Riveting, huh? Wow, 2 blogs in one day!


Negligent Blogger...

Guess who is running on the Dana Farber team with me? The one and only Valerie Bertinelli of One Day at A Time and Jenny Craig fame! I need to do some investigating on how she ended up on the team roster, but I think it is admirable that she is doing this. Training for and running a marathon is HARD WORK and a part time job. If she fundraises (or just donates) like crazy, then good for her! 100% of all money raised from my team goes to innovative cancer research at Dana Farber. That means cutting edge research that has a hard time getting funding from other sources. Maybe she and I can run together? HA! I was running yesterday envisioning running along and noticing her struggling (no handlers or people carrying her water bottle...) and I run up next to her and we pull each other through. HAHAHHA! By the way, If any one is inspired to donate towards my fundraising efforts, visit then "search for a runner". My goal is $10,000+! I could use your support!!!

I had the privilege of running my 10 miler this past weekend with fellow marathon trainee, Danielle Poirier (going for Big Sur in April) AKA my terrific friend and DG little. Love in the Bonds! Much more fun to do long runs with a pal. Wish she were here today for my 11 miler. I don't like that I have to do it on a Thursday at 3:30 pm. I am a creature of habit and prefer to run my long ones on the weekend first thing. But, there is a big snowstorm coming on Friday into Saturday and I don't want to miss a run.

So, I will now address questions from my fans. Well, Linda. But to have questions is exciting!! I will happily address any more that come my way. Oh, to be famous...

1. What is my warm up? My warm up involves running around the house trying to find my iPod, hat, gloves. I walk out the front door as I am starting my Nike Plus running thing on my iPod. As soon as Song #1 (always Blue Monday by New Order) starts, I start running. That's it. I am not great at stretching. I have been trying to do Pilates 1x a week to keep my alignment and flexibility in check.

2. What kind of sneakers do I wear and why? I have been wearing the same style Nike shoe since 2002. It was the Nike Kantara but when that shoe was discontinued, I moved onto it's replacement, the Nike Structure Triax. I was fitted for the Kantara at a running store way back when and as I have said before, I am a creature of habit (thanks, Dad). I typically replace my shoes every 300-500 miles, but lately have been intrigued by the barefoot running movement. I was inspired by reading Born To Run by Christopher McDougall. He did research about why runners have so many injuries to back/knees/feet. There is supposedly a link between the injuries and the super stable, cushiony running shoe industry. That our feet are intended to absorb the shock of running without the bells and whistles. That it actually weakens our feet to have all of the cushion leading to injury. SO, I haven't replaced my shoes in a while. Conflicted on what to do. Any advice?

3. Can I divide my blog into how I feel with each mile. No, Linda. Can't commit to that. However, I will do that for you today. How I feel for every mile of my 11 on a Thursday at 3:30.

4. Do I have to push through the first mile until I get a rhythm? No. Typically, the first mile just goes without me noticing. That is a nice feeling. I have a harder time with the last mile...I know I am almost done. Running is all mental.

Linda, I will take your advice and put She's Crafty by the Beasties on my mix. The whole Licensed to Ill album reminds me of 9th grade at Kingwood High School. Very fun memories. Now that you mention it, I will also add Paul Revere. And So What'cha Want. And then iTunes Genius recommended Going Back to Cali by LL Cool J. So I will add that too! Always taking music requests. The Eminem song maybe too slow. BUT, did you know that Eminem is back together with Kim and she is pregnant?

I, too, think when I run. I am most organized in my head when I am running. Must be all of the endorphins. It's just that my thoughts have a soundtrack!!

OK, enough for now...