Saturday, February 20, 2010

Chateau Relaxo

Chateau Relaxo. That was my brother Sean's nickname for the maternity ward of Brigham and Women's Hospital. I find that so hilarious that I had to use it as the title of today's blog entry!!! He couldn't get over the room service, the quiet, the nice nurses... I mean, I can't say that Emily, with incisions galore, would agree. But when you are holding that little HENRY BRADY SHIELDS---it does make you want to say, "Ahhhhhhhh...."

I was at my own Chateau Relaxo last week. I went to Rockport, MA SOLO to meet baby Henry---first time away alone in over a year! I went to my favorite Mexican restaurant...drank margaritas...slept until 8 am (which is late for me). I hung out in Regan and Cam's beautiful home on a sunny weekend...CHATEAU RELAXO.

So, training. It has been a challenging few weeks between the stomach bug, the multiple snow storms, and back-to-back weekend trips to Boston (one planned assuming Henry would be here by President's Weekend--which wasn't his plan...and then one to meet the little peanut). HOWEVER, the bright side is that I was able to do my 12 and 14 mile runs along the ocean...nothing like a change of scenery!

16 miles planned for this weekend. Danielle is coming down from NYC so that we can keep each other company for the almost 3 hour run. Should be interesting since the 4th major snow storm of the winter is heading our way tonight...10-15" predicted. UGH!


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