Sunday, December 27, 2009

Let the training begin!

1 of 64 runs.
3.12 miles
8:29 min mile
26:25 min total

There you have it---the stats from my first official training run. I have the Nike+ thing for my iPod. Highly recommend it--measures all of the above info and then it connects to your computer via iTunes and uploads all of the info to the Nike+ website. Stores all of the information so that you can reference previous runs. AND Nike sponsored athletes chime in to talk to you after your runs---today TIGER WOODS congratulated me on my run. Whatever Tiger.

Featured running song: C'MON N' RIDE IT (THE TRAIN)
This song is an AWESOME running song. And Declan loves it--calls it the Choo Choo Train Song. I want to figure out how to insert a song clip into a blog post. Anyone know how to do this?

I had a marathon stress dream last night (no joke) where the marathon involved all of these tasks that had to be accomplished along the way. Sort of like a reality show. I desperately wanted to beat my 2008 Boston Marathon time and was getting so frustrated by the tasks--they were taking too long and were disorganized. Then it was dark and I couldn't follow the path (this marathon really made no sense...). I had to navigate around snow & ice. Yikes.

When I run, I have a running (no pun intended) stream of consciousness...which I will happily share here on my blog. It runs the gambit from "can running be my 'church'?" when I feel guilty that I don't go to church and would rather run instead, to my latest business plan, to my daily/weekly to do list, to what to have for dinner. No matter what, when I run, I always think of my mom. So, I will share a bit of "mom thoughts" as well. I am always hesitant that others think of these thoughts as "Debbie Downer-ish"...but if you have lost a parent, or someone close to you, you probably know what I mean when you just embrace an opportunity to talk about that person. plan is to write after every run, so consider this the first of 64 blog posts! ENJOY!!!


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