Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Run #2

Ran yesterday...very cold. Decided to mix things up and do the Haverford College loop. Glad I did. I am a creature of habit and typically do the same old same old loops around my neighborhood (Haverford to Manoa to Karakung to Beechwood back to Haverford for those of you that are in the know...)

36:43 min total
4.02 mi
9:08 min mile pace

Cold the next few days. Snow on Thurs and Fri. Winter training...not so bad as long as you are dressed in layers, wear a hat and gloves and don't slip.

Has anyone read "Born To Run?" I recently read it and am very intrigued by the concept of NOT replacing my running shoes. Thoughts?

Featured running song: Whoomp, There it Is by Tag Team
For those of you that know me well, the appearance of this song on my mix is not a big surprise. I LOVEEEEEEE this song. Loved it so much sophomore year of college (GO BULLETS). Would request it often at TKE...and make my "little" Danielle request it for me when my requests would get ignored. My dear friend Pecks gave me the "single" (on a cassette)! Love her for that!!!!!

OK, 3 miles tomorrow!


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