Monday, February 24, 2014


Three treadmill workouts in a row.  Truly dreadful.  The “dreadmill” (props to my friend Dawn for that moniker).  This winter is KILLING ME!  It is supposed to be WARM this weekend (if you call 40s warm), so I will get outside and finally get in some outdoor mileage.
I wanted to pass along some exciting news! First, a little history…  The DFMC has a program in which runners can partner with families who have lost a child to cancer and run in their memory.  Last year, I partnered with the Smyths—a family formerly from Sudbury, MA (like myself).  Their son Jonathan lost his battle with neuroblastoma in January, 1998 and is buried 2 gravestones down from my mother, Patty Shields, in Wadsworth Cemetery in Sudbury.
Last marathon season was such a special experience as I had the support of not only all of my friends and family, but of the friends and family of the Smyths. Marie, Jonathan’s mom, and I maintained regular contact over the course of my training and I was thrilled to have Katie Smyth (Jonathan’s older sister), a graduate student at MIT, as my guest at the DFMC pre-race pasta party.
For the good news… Katie Smyth has joined the DFMC team this year!  Although the Smyths have been part of the Partner/In Memory program since 1997, this is the first time the family has had a runner of its own!  I am so excited for Katie as this will certainly be an amazing year to run her 1st Boston in memory of her brother. I am crossing my fingers that Marie and family can make the trip to Boston this year to cheer us on!
Please keep Katie, Jonathan, Patty and I in your thoughts over the next few months as we gear up for April 21st!


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