Friday, February 28, 2014

The Thing About Goals...

Goals are important.  They keep us moving forward.  When training for a marathon, I like to break the ultimate goal (26.2 miles) in to 18 weeks of smaller goals.  Over time, the weekly mileage increases to condition us for race day.  I keep a print out of my training schedule handy and find it very satisfying to cross off my daily runs/workouts.  A visible, tangible record of my accomplishments for the week.

For the Dana Farber Marathon Challenge team, my teammates and I have an additional goal.  We are charged with raising money to benefit the Claudia Adams Barr program in Innovative Cancer Research.  In a nutshell, the Barr Program is critical for conducting basic research, which is not eligible for federal funding until well along in proof of principle. The program enables leading-edge, highly-innovative research up to the point that it may be possible to attract government or private support. Barr Investigator awards help advance the professional development of Dana-Farber’s newly appointed Instructors and Assistant Professors who otherwise lack seed funding to test hypotheses and bring promising studies forward in completely new areas of research.

I am proud to report that, over the course of my 4 DFMC races and my 2014 fundraising to date, I have raised $50,367.55!!! 2008: $10,245.55; 2010: $10,001.00; 2012: $13,686.00; 2013: $15,440.00 I am more proud of these totals than any of my marathon finishing times.  Losing a loved one to cancer is a very powerless feeling.   It has been so amazing to actually DO SOMETHING to honor my Mom and my In-Memory Partner,  Jonathan Smyth.

So…this all being said…I have set a lofty goal for my 2014 DFMC fundraising--$15,000!  We have done it before and we can do it again!  As of today 2/28/14, my Barr Program total is $995.00.  I have a lot of work to do over the next 1 month 20 days and 21 hours!  I realize that, in reaching out to you,  I am “tapping the same well” as I have over the past 4 races.  You have all been so generous!   If you can, please consider a small donation to help me reach my goal! 

And if you have already donated, THANK YOU!


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