Sunday, April 7, 2013

Buds, Mulch and Sunshine!

Today was my last long run before the “big one” on April 15th!  It was a fabulous 12 mile run complete with the sights and smells of Spring.  The sun was bright and warm. Many lawns were sprinkled with new, fresh smelling mulch.  Everywhere I looked, I saw the small beginnings of buds on trees.  SPRING IS FINALLY HERE!

During my run, nostalgic as I am, I kept thinking, “This is the last time...I will run up Bryn Mawr Avenue...I will pass “Camelot” running up Grays Lane...I will pray no one hits me on Morris Avenue...I will dart across Montgomery Avenue...I will cross the Church Lane bridge.”  As if I will never run these routes again...  HOWEVER, I will not be running them anymore this season and for that matter, anytime soon.

To date, I have clocked 467.5 miles since December 10, 2012.  A few more next week and then 26.2 on April 15.

Now the fundraising drum begins to beats louder.  Today, my fundraising total is $8,205 and I have my eyes on $10K by next week with an ultimate goal of $15K.  Please consider donating--no amount is too small.  If you have already supported me, words can not express my appreciation!

You will most likely hear from me again before Race Day....and then again on Race morning as I anxiously anticipate the massive feat that lays before me.  


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